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We specialize in top custom Cross-Platform application development and IT services
with modern technology solutions to fit your needs.

Our Vision
At Threde, we focus on creating something awesome and fun, together

At Threde, a creative application development agency based in Washington DC, our passion is building quality innovative products that exceed expectations. Wherever you are in the world, we believe in transparent communication, engaging directly with our clients, and building epic products.

Our unconventional approach to be straight and honest is what seperates us from other companies, aside from our passion to create high quality work. We listen to your vision and present all the best options, even if it might not be with us. We are always dedicated to your success with providing direction, answers to questions, and direct the pathway to achieve your specific goals.

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Who We Are
is more like a custom team of awesome

Threde’s team is made of dedicated cooperative information technology specialists with over 10 years of experience specializing in scalable application development with big data.

Each developer has an area of expertise, but possess skills that overlap in other fields. This allows us to collaborate our ideas using multiple perspectives which are a crucial component to our process. It allows us to recommend an architecture that suits your specific needs to build web applications from the database layer all the way to the user interface.

As the technology industry continues to evolve, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest tools so we can create you an authentic product.

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Our Process
listen, gather, and create

The process begins with a discovery meeting where we'll listen, review, and follow up on your vision. Prior to presenting strategies, we carefully listen to your goals, objectives, and concerns. Once we've reviewed all the peices of the puzzle, we can affectively provide you all possible avenues to move forward within a UCD (User Centtered Design) process following a agile process.

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Consulting & Staffing Solutions

At Threde, we offer experienced consultants and staffing solutions. We can either staff your team with our top-notch team members or form a custom tailored team that can hit the ground running. By knowing our staff and understanding your needs, we can match our consultants to fit your project requirements and team needs.

  • Individual staffing/consultant
  • Team staffing

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Custom Tailored Development

With our diverse and talented team of developers, we offer re-engineering, enhancements, and end to end application development. We use Scrum sprints corresponding to Agile iterations. We focus on building high quality, high-speed, accessible, responsive cross-platform websites and/or web applications.

We also offer cloud hosting and are experienced in handling big-data; fetching, mutating, and displaying.

List of services:

  • Cross-Platform application development
  • E-commerce
  • Cloud Solutions (AWS or Firebase)
  • Websites
  • IOT
  • Advanced RISC Machine development (Raspberry pi or Ardrino)
  • 3d Printing/custom physical product development

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